Every chess master was once a beginner.
— Irving Chernev


What is Chess Utopia?

Chess Utopia is a team of passionate chess lovers that strive to teach the game of chess to elementary and middle school aged students, giving them exposure to chess and the endless opportunities that surface from learning the game. We teach chess tailored to skill and not age. Combining a student’s competitive drive with a fun and empowering atmosphere to allow each and every one of our students to learn and compete at their level of comfort.


Why Chess?

Chess is greater than a game. Chess is a beautiful art allowing players to harness their ability to analyze, solve problems, and asses risks. The possible outcomes are virtually infinite as there are billions of combinations just within the first couple moves. In this magnitude and experience there is no doubt that chess makes you smarter.



“My kids really enjoy playing Chess!”

“James had a blast and picked a special place on his bookshelf for his trophy”

“Our boys love their Friday afternoons playing chess”


Get Involved

Whether you are a parent looking to get your child involved or a interested in coaching for Chess Utopia there is opportunity for everyone. Get involved today!