Chess Utopia was founded on the vision that every child should learn how to play chess. Chess makes kids smarter and has been proven time and time again. We strive to teach one million young minds of this coming generation the skills of decision making, predictive analysis, and creativity all rooted from the game of chess.

-Franklin Swindell CEO



Franklin Swindell

Hello, My name is Franklin Swindell and I am the CEO and founder of Chess Utopia. Upon the vision of starting Chess Utopia, I found the value of chess in my life, and knew there was a way to instill these values of the young minds of this coming generation. For over twenty years now I have not only been teaching my students the game of chess but watching them as they grow to attend prestigious universities and become successful people. From engineer to nurse to lawyer, I have found that the skills that each and every career requires, can found learning the game of chess. I hope you learn to appreciate the sport of chess as much as I do.

Thank you



Frankie Swindell is most notorious for the success of this organization. Frankie was a seven time state chess champion and a national blitz chess champion during his years in competition. Due to Frankie’s vast knowledge of the game, he has brought great value to the team as an advanced chess player. Frankie has proven that Chess Utopia’s teachings and system works. Frankie is the tactical and analytics partner in this group. He learns by deep analysis, and without question, his influence will soak into the minds of the young chess players.

Frankie is the manager of all reach throughout Chess Utopia and provides limitless knowledge of starting and managing this business.

Anthony Headshot.jpg


Anthony joined chess club as a partner and head instructor in 2016. His knowledge of the game and deep understanding of the basics has allowed him to grow as an instructor and manager of Chess Utopia. Anthony manages and instructs all of the Ames and Gilbert Chess Clubs located in central Iowa. He can be described as a dreamer, but in combination with his work ethic and self determination there is no limit to his influence in Chess Utopia